Hakuna Matata!

We are here to bring inspiration and innovation to catalyse freedom of creativity for creative people. We will gather creative people into our wide creative community, Project Matata. 

Our community, Matata, is to leverage creative people’s voice and solidarity – giving people a place to build a community where you can learn from each other and exchange valuable experiences. 

On a more personal level, we provide a place of refuge to open up about issues and concerns to a community that understands.

Everything will be okay.

It is a huge challenge sustaining life as a creative. Investing tremendous amounts of time and money to improve your portfolio is physically, emotionally, and financially draining. Additionally, sourcing the right methods and materials to bring your ideas to life adds to an already massive challenge. 

We recognise the hurdles that you continuously encounter as a creative, which is the main driver for us in developing this platform. We believe that Matata encourages the creative community, whether you are a professional or budding artist, designer, musician, filmmaker, photographer, performer, etc. to encourage, share with, and support each other. No one understands us better than us.

Project Matata Misson

Project Matata is a unique platform created by Arts:m that integrates two crucial but distinct elements: a forum to create a community of creatives, and a second-hand online marketplace to facilitate consumer-to-consumer trade of creative materials and tools. We aims to tackle three issues; three by artists – financial instability, lack of information/exposure, and one by the industry – sustainability.

This platform – Project Matata : Community is – to bring inspiration and innovation to catalyse freedom of creativity.  Artists, designers, photographers, filmmakers, performers, musicians, illustrators, crafters or any creatives are welcomed.

THE Project Matata team

Founded in 2020 with lovely supporters. Project Matata is based in Goldsmiths University, South-East London. This project is born to keep creatives sustain their careers. 

Founder of Project Matata : Sunny Kim
Amazing Mentor from ICCE, Goldsmiths University : Adrian De La Court
Lovely Supporters